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Minnesota scored 50+ points against Nebraska… in 1945.

As PJ Fleck would say, Minnesota’s performance on Saturday was elite.

Going into the game, The Gophers were 2.5 point favorites — despite the fact Nebraska has lost to Minnesota a total 3 times in the last 60 years. Apparently Nebraska is having a down year to say the least. Still, the way Nebraska Cornhusker fans travel is impressive even though they are having their season in quite some time. Despite being favorites, I’m guessing most fans like myself didn’t really expect a win. After all, Nebraska is Nebraska. However, a different Demry Croft showed up at TCF Bank Stadium.

Admittedly, when on the field, it’s hard to follow the actual game. I’m so concentrated on the movement of the ball that sometimes I don’t realize the what the actual score is. After reading the stat line, it was no surprise Croft almost broke 200 yards rushing. Along with Rodney Smith and Koby McCrary, The Gophers’ run game was unstoppable. Hopefully it continues in Evanston next week!

From a photography standpoint, Saturday was one of best experiences I’ve had! This was my second time on the field in as many years and it was a completely different experience time around! For one, there was a lot of scoring — which is great because photographers can get closer to the action. Secondly, although lighting was an issue due to the sun the cutting the field in half, it worked to my advantage for most of the final images.

And finally, the camera…

Saturday was the first true test for my new Sony a9. I’ve had this camera for only a few weeks and my kids have been the main subject up to last Saturday! Along with a new camera, I rented the new Sony 100-400 G Lens. Before Saturday’s game, I was already in love with this camera. The AF and eye detection on this camera is a true game-changer. Add that to 20 frames per second and you have yourself an amazing piece of technology… All in a little mirrorless camera..

On the field, this camera is absolutely mind-blowing.. 20 FPS with no blackout is a true game-changer.. At least I think it is! This was only my second college football game.. So I’m not exactly an expert.. But I can say this. Last year I used Nikon and this year thanks to the a9, it was a completely different experience. Once the G Master Telephoto line is more established, I can’t imagine what the future holds for this camera when it comes to sports photography!

I have to more weddings this year and can’t wait to see how this camera performs! Until then, enjoy some highlights from Minnesota’s memorable win over Nebraska.

Go Gophers!

PJ Fleck Postgame Press Conference Clip

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