Lake City Minnesota Engagement | Jordan + Abby

Wow… Usually I pick 20-30 photos for engagement blogs. This one is like 40+ images from one of the more memorable engagement sessions I’ve had in quite some time! The main reason for this is of course Abby + Jordan. These two are the main reason why I have (want) to share so many images from their session! Furthermore, their location choices were spectacular.

Back a few weeks ago I met these two on the docks of the Lake City Marina in Lake City, Minnesota. Little did I know they both had such a strong connection to this place — as boats were coming and going into the marina, countless “congratulations” were shouted at these two as we were walking out to the pier. Wedding Photographers are accustomed to these types of scenarios, but usually limited to wedding days simply because the a wedding dress and tux usually stand out in a crowd. But this was different. There was no tux, or wedding dress — simply a good-looking, well-dressed couple with a weird-looking photographer.

At that point Jordan explained his deep family ties to the marina. Additionally, Abby basically grew up on Lake Pepin. So now it all made sense as to why it was like an episode Cheers and everybody knew their names. Hopefully I can get back to this marina sometime in the near future. The Lake City area is absolutely beautiful.

We ended the night in more of a secluded setting and took a short drive to Jordan’s family farm. From a photography standpoint, words can’t really express what this place offered. to put it in perspective, we were hanging out with countless Black Angus Cows in the middle of a pasture. Pair that with impeccable lighting and you got yourself an epic engagement session. Even the infamous Dronie McDrone (Phantom 4 Pro Drone) got out to take a quick few shots from high above!

I love this session turned out. Thanks to Jordan + Abby for rocking it! Looking forward to their winter wedding!!

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